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R & D

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  •    Research and Development

    Our engineers have rich experience in design,also have comprehensive exploitation concept.Engineers uphold purpose of "design is the key to mould manufacture",attach great importance to mould Manufacturing.Well-designed,trying to build mould in possesion of the longest working life and the least of  maintenance frequency.Products analyzing process,analysis of mold data,structural shape  analysis,cooling system analysis, mold flow analysis,product heat flow analysis,technology and testing support the high quality of  mould,to win favor with the customer's trust.  

      Our engineering and mould-making technology includes:


    • 1. Pro/ENGINEER (三维成型/3D Modeling)
    • 2. SolidWorks (三维成型/3D Modeling)
    • 3. Cimatron (三维成型/3D Modeling)
    • 4. AutoCAD (二维成型/2D Modeling)
    • 5. Unigraphics (数控编程/CNC Programming)
    • 6. CNC Maching Centers 数控加工中心
    • 7. CNC EDM's (数控电火花成型/Electro-Discharge Maching)
    • 8. Wire Cut Machines 线切割机